Work Your Deal – Duluth GA


Online Deals, On Your Terms
Personalize a real monthly loan or lease payment that automatically factors in relevant incentives, taxes, and fees. Since 9 out of 10 of today’s shoppers are “payment shoppers,” it’s the best way to connect buyers to your inventory and create an authentic experience based on real vehicle details.
Frictionless Trade-Valuation
Eliminate contentious trade negotiations and get a greater sense of control by leveraging Kelley Blue Book, the industry’s most trusted name in vehicle valuation.
Simple and Secure Financing
Quick Responses to short or long form credit applications with an approval that can be accepted online or in finalized in-store.
Increase F&I Merchandising
Allow consumers to see how purchasing these products might factor into their payment.
Schedule Pickup and Reserve
Display final deal terms and allow shoppers to self-close by accepting terms online. Reserve the vehicle with a credit card deposit, and schedule an appointment for a final close and pickup.

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