Owners Clinic

New Acura Owner’s Clinic in Duluth, GA

Once a month, Acura Carland hosts a New Vehicle Owner Clinic for customers who have recently purchased a Honda or Acura. This is an opportunity for the new owners to fully familiarize themselves with their Honda or Acura.

Honda and Acura Certified technicians and members of our service management team will be on hand to answer your questions.

Whether you have just purchased your Honda or Acura this month, this year or in the past few years we at Acura Carland would like to welcome you to join us at one of our clinics. Acura Carland would love to have you as our guest for the evening.

Acura Carland is committed to making sure Acura owners know how to take care of their Acura the best way possible. Learn things about your Acura you never knew and get the facts.

Don’t miss this FREE service clinic!
Every Acura owner is invited!
Even if you didn’t buy your car from us!

Why Attend the Acura Owner Clinic?

  • You are introduced to our Service Management, Service Advisors, and Acura Certified Technicians who provide information and answer questions relating to your vehicle operation.
  • You meet our Customer Service Specialist who is responsible for providing customer care and support.
  • You will be familiarized with routine maintenance schedules and enhancements of your Honda’s/ Acura’s performance.
  • You will have a better understanding of how your new Honda or Acura functions. The vehicles are elevated on hoists which allow technicians to show and explain vital systems and components of your car. For example, brakes, shocks, engine, transmission, steering, etc).
  • We discuss safety-related items, your warranty, extended service coverage, our dealership facilities and equipment, special service tips, the importance of genuine Honda and Acura parts, what to do when you need service, etc.