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Acura Service - Duluth, GA

One of this month’s Service Specials at Acura Carland is $10 off any Fluid Exchange Service. This includes brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, or transmission fluid. But what exactly is the difference between all these fluids, and how do they help a car run? We’ve got the answers.


Brake Fluid

Brake fluid runs in the brake lines, connecting the brake pedal to the brakes. When you step on the pedal, a plunger pressurizes the fluid in the brake lines. This causes the brake pads to clamp down on the rotors, which slows the vehicle. You can check your brake fluid levels by locating the brake fluid cap under your car’s hood. Once you take the cap off, brake fluid should be near the top, and is the color of amber or white wine.


Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid allows you to easily steer your car. To check your power steering fluid levels, look for either a reservoir cap or dipstick in the engine bay. You check the fluid level similarly to checking your engine oil level—the dipstick has marked indicators for maximum (“full”) or minimum (“add”) levels. Power steering fluid is the color of pink or white wine.



Also called antifreeze, Coolant keeps your engine cool in the summer and protects it from freezing in the winter. To check your coolant levels, find the radiator cap and open it to see if the fluid level reaches the top. Coolant comes in a variety of colors, including purple, pink, red, green, yellow, and blue. Never mix coolant types, and always use the type of coolant recommended by your vehicle’s manual.


Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates and cools the transmission’s components, such as gears, clutches, and valves. Some cars have a dipstick so you can check on your own, but other cars require a mechanic to inspect. If you can check yourself, the process is similar to checking power steering or engine oil with a dipstick. However, the engine must be running with the transmission in park or neutral, depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer. If you need a mechanic, the friendly Service Department at Acura Carland is happy to help!


For $10 off any Fluid Exchange Service—including brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, or transmission fluid—head to Acura Carland. Schedule your appointment online, or call our Service Department at (770) 623-9211.



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