How to Decide When to Change Your Oil in Duluth, GA

Have you ever been confused about how to handle your motor oil, such as the right time to change it, how often to change it, or what is the best oil for your car? Engine oil plays a vital role in the health of your vehicle’s engine. With so many different views on how best to care for your vehicle, Acura Carland wants to help our customers keep their vehicles running at their best. That’s why our service team wants to help you care for your vehicle’s engine oil.

When Should You Change Your Oil?

Begin by checking your owner’s manual. Do not make assumptions on the interval based on past experiences because the timing has evolved over the years. Many cars, trucks, and SUVs now have service reminder monitors that alert drivers when to change their oil. Make sure you get your oil change soon after you receive any such alert.

How Often Should You Check Your Oil Level?

Keep an eye on your car’s oil levels. Consumer Reports recommends checking your oil level at least once per month. Be sure to have repairs done at the first sign of a leak.

  1. If your vehicle has a dipstick and you’re checking it yourself, make sure your vehicle is parked on level ground. If the engine has been running, be careful of potential hot spots under the hood.

  2. With the engine off, open the car’s hood and find the dipstick. Pull the dipstick out from the engine and wipe any oil off from its end.

  3. Then, insert the dipstick back into its tube and push it all the way back in.

  4. Pull it back out and this time quickly look at both sides of the dipstick to see where the oil is on the end. Every dipstick has some way of indicating the proper oil level, whether it be two pinholes, the letters L & H (low and high), words MIN & MAX, or simply an area of cross hatching. If the top of the oil “streak” is between the two marks, the level is fine. If the oil is below the minimum mark, you need to add oil.

  5. Pay close attention to the oil’s color. It should appear brown or black. If oil has a light, milky appearance, this could mean coolant is leaking into the engine. Look closely for any metal particles as well, as this could indicate internal engine damage.

  6. If everything appears fine, wipe off the dipstick again and insert it back onto its tube, ensuring its fully seated and close the hood.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Check your owner’s manual for more detailed information about your vehicle’s  needs, however many automakers have oil-change intervals at 7,500 or even 10,000 miles or 6-12 months in time. It is not just about mileage. If you don’t drive your car a great deal, your oil still needs to be refreshed. Even if your vehicle is being driven less than the recommended mileage interval, you should still get your oil changed twice a year as oil becomes less effective as it ages and can lead to a shorter engine lifespan.

How Do You Choose the Right Oil For Your Car?

In many newer models, the weight of your car’s motor oil is printed on the cap where you add oil. Ensure you know what is recommended or required by your automaker.

Do You Need Synthetic Oil Or Standard Oil?

Synthetic oil is designed to be more effective at resisting breakdown and withstanding high temperatures, and causing the oil to last longer. Short trips, living in areas with extreme temperatures, or tow and haul large amounts of heavy materials, synthetic oil might be right for your vehicle. Synthetic oil can also be beneficial in helping to extend the engine’s lifespan by assisting to reduce sludge buildup.

Do you need help evaluating your engine oil or replacing your oil and filter? Let the professional team at Acura Carland help you keep your vehicle running smoothly during your travels. Check out our service specials page to find great prices on professional maintenance from our team. Visit us today at 3403 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096 or give us a call at (770) 623-9211 for your next service appointment. You can also schedule your service appointment online anytime. Our team is proud to serve our Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Atlanta, and Duluth, Georgia area customers. Our service hours Monday-Friday 7AM-7 PM and Saturdays 7 AM-5 PM.
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