Planning Your Summer Road Trip in Duluth, GA

Summer is here and it is a great time to start planning your next road trip adventure. A well-planned journey is key to enjoying your summer travels in comfort. Acura Carland wants to share some tips with our customers to help you hit the road with confidence. Some ideas to help you start planning your summer road trip include:

  1. Even with GPS, having a road map is insurance against getting lost.

  2. Space is at a premium on road trips. Explore ways to optimize space inside the car. You and your passengers will appreciate the extra space it provides.

  3. Though you need to map out your trip, don’t forget that part of the fun of a road trip is the spontaneity involved. Be sure to build time into your trip to venture off the charted path. If you are booking nightly lodging in advance, underestimating your daily mileage allows for off-highway quests and unscheduled stops at roadside attractions.

  4. If you are traveling with children, having an entertainment strategy is key. Let children enjoy pre-selected videos, allow them turns playing DJ, select books to read, play road games, or bring along activity books.

  5. Keep moods bright and passengers feeling better by enjoying fresh fruits and veggies, deli meats, and fresh cheese cubes. Part of the fun of a road trip is to splurge on chips or candy here and there, but minimizing junk food will be helpful to keeping everyone feeling good.

  6. Passengers are in close quarter and there’s no foolproof method for diffusing road trip tensions. The best way to approach this is to try preventing tension from building in the first place. Frequent stops and taking opportunities to burn off excess energy when possible helps.

  7. Get local insight on recreational recommendations, restaurant ideas, and unique shopping opportunities. Getting to know the people in an area is half the adventure.

  8. Finally, keep an eye on your fuel gauge and fuel up before your low fuel light comes on.

Are you ready to head out on your next road trip with Acura? Get your vehicle ready to go the distance with help from the service professionals at Acura Carland. You can get fantastic prices on service maintenance with coupons on our service specials page. You can visit us at 3403 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096 or give us a call at (770) 214-7066. Service appointments can also be scheduled online anytime. Our service hours are Monday-Friday 7 AM-7 PM and Saturdays 7 AM-5 PM.
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