How to Unlock Your Acura’s Steering Wheel in Duluth, GA

Acura Carland wants to make sure our customers are familiar with the method of how to unlock your Acura steering wheel. Locking your steering wheel can be helpful when parking on a steep incline. This additional preventative measure is useful for keeping a vehicle in place, should the brakes fail. Do you know the easiest way to lock your wheel intentionally?  

How Do You Lock Your Steering Wheel?

  1. Put your key in the ignition

  2. Pull the steering wheel all the way to your desired side.

  3. Take your key out of the ignition

  4. Pull down on your wheel one final time

  5. You will feel and hear a click when the lock engages

It is possible you may be inadvertently locking your steering wheel if you are grabbing your steering wheel to use as a lever when you get out of your car. Whether you do this intentionally or by accident, you must now ask yourself:

How Do I Unlock My Steering Wheel?

  1. Pull down on the steering wheel in the direction that you locked it in.

  2. If you locked it by turning the wheel clockwise - turn it further clockwise, if counterclockwise - turn counterclockwise

  3. The steering wheel will only move fractionally, but you will feel it move

  4. While holding the steering wheel down in the direction you locked it, insert the key into the ignition, and turn the key

  5. Enjoy your unlocked steering wheel

If you find that you need assistance with anything to do with your vehicle, come by Acura Carland and let our service professionals help you keep your car running at its best. You can visit us at 3403 Satellite Boulevard, Duluth, GA 30096 or give us a call at (770) 214-7066. You can also schedule your next service appointment online.
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