Acura Brake Service – Duluth, GA

Brake Service - Duluth, GA


Brake care is an important element of safe travel. The service department at Acura Carland is committed to helping you drive with the confidence that comes from professional brake service for your vehicle in Duluth, Georgia. The local Acura dealership near you is committed to assist with the service needs of our Alpharetta, Marietta, Johns Creek, and Atlanta communities. Having a professional brake system evaluation once per year can help keep you and your passengers better protected on the road. 


A well-maintained brake system is important to maintaining the longevity of your Acura. In addition to helping your vehicle stop as effectively as possible, keeping your brake pads regularly maintenanced and replaced is key to keeping other elements of your brake system, such as rotors and brake shoes, protected from excessive wear and tear. This can help prevent more costly repairs down the road as well as avoiding unsafe driving conditions.


Beyond regular brake system checks, there are also a variety of warning signs that can indicate that your brake pads and brake system may be in need of evaluation. Some of these indicators include:


  • Pulsating or wobbling when driving at highway speeds
  • Grinding, squealing, or squeaking sounds when brakes are engaged
  • Shaking steering wheel when operating vehicle
  • When braking, the car is pulling left or right
  • Abnormal sounds or vibrations when engaging brakes
  • Vehicle is requiring a longer distance to stop than usual
  • Slow response, excess pressure required, or brake pedal needing to be pressed farther than usual in order to get vehicle to stop


Another common element of your brake system that can require attention is your brake fluid. Over time, copper components of your brake system can break down due to moisture. These eroding elements can lead to a buildup of contaminants in your brake fluid due to these particles. These particulates can negatively impact your brake system. Air can also be introduced to your brake fluid line because of a leak or any number of other issues. If air is introduced to your brake fluid line, a brake bleed can be necessary to correct the problem.  


Other brake elements that should be inspected when your brake system is being checked include:


  • Measurement of drum wear
  • Measurement of front and rear brake pad wear
  • Measurement of rotor wear
  • Brake fluid test
  • Parking/emergency brake inspection


Is it time to schedule your brake system check today with the professional service team at the local Acura dealership near you? The service technicians at Acura Carland has you covered. You can give our staff a call at (770) 623-9211 or come by and see us at 3403 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096. Our staff also offers service shuttle options, as well as home delivery and pick up options. Don’t forget to check out our service coupons available now as well. Our service hours are Monday-Friday 7 AM-7 PM and Saturdays 7 AM-5 PM.